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Beautyfull is not always clean

When washing the carl you want to see a shiny car. What if the shine is not there anymore, there is a solution. 

The lacker of a car may be seen under a microscope as ultrafine sandpaper. When the top layer is is damaged of UV light micro scratches and swirlmarks. A good polish may result a totally restored apparition. 

What's stopping you to get the Ultimate shine?  

Mirror succes!

Youre shine, our duty!

We are just starting up, but after (many) many hours practice you will be amazed that is our promise. 

Youre shine, our duty is our motto! 

Our shop in the Netherlands will happily make any car back to its original (or even better) and protect the precious shine.

Take a look at all the possibilities! 


Saying we love shiny cars is one thing. We love cars, all of them. So in our blogs we explain the basics of car technology and sometimes even more general products.

Like our LED blog, its not just about cars light. Learn the differences between Kelvins blindingly fast. 

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