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Foam cannon set-up piece

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Actually, every car lover wants to have this, don't they? Now it's possible for you without spending a fortune. This foam cannon is a professional (almost jealous) way to put your car in a thick layer of foam. It is adjustable to set your desired thickness. It is also not difficult to use. The bottle is a bit transparent so you can see how much you put in the bottle and how much you have left. We also have the necessary couplings so there is now nothing in your way!


1. We advise to mix 25% Snow Foam with 75% water in the bottle.

2. Screw the Mix bottle back under the foam lance

3. Attach the foam lance to the pressure washer using the correct coupling. Torque pieces are available for a.o: Karcher, Kranzle, Nilfisk, etc...

4. Spray the entire car with a thick layer of Snow Foam and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off.

5. Now you can use a microfibre glove and a soft brush to treat the more difficult areas.

6. Rinse your car completely using the high-pressure cleaner.

Max. Pressure: 3200 psi - 220 bar - Do not use or place above 60 degrees Celsius - PH-value of the content should be between 5 and 11 - Connection is made with internal treads - Max. content: 1L 

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